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  • More power to Aland Renauld who seems to be on a conquering frenzy. However, the way the game is structured, it seems the #1 player gets a huge payout compared to the other players. I can see this being a limiting factor in the game. Who wants to pile in more hard earned cash when the top player is sitting on a pile of GAS that was earned in the game and can easily beat anyone else on the leader board? This game would be more sustainable and might attract more players if the payouts were distributed more evenly such that the good players would get a bigger share but that the new players would also be rewarded for their participation (yes, drops and all that but I'm talking about GAS that allows us to continue playing without a constant outlay of dollars, pounds, yuan...). People will only want to play as long as they feel they have a shot at competing for the bigger prizes without dumping excess of $100 in order to get there. As it is, it won't be long before Aland Renauld owns the board with stats that no other player will be able to touch and even less chance of capturing a city or town.
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