Last article, we explored how BLOCKLORDS heroes are created and the effects items have on their stats. Today, we take a look at what happens when heroes are pitted against each other in battle and how the outcome will be determined, the different types of battles available, and more importantly, what are the rewards for being victorious? Reading the following article should give you a good idea of what to expect during BLOCKLORDS battles.


During medieval times, going into battle was a big decision that could have untold consequences for the lords who initiated them. In BLOCKLORDS, each battle will be a blockchain transaction, and will therefore come at a cost to the user and the network. Thus, it is important that players consider all their options carefully before they attack as failure could come at a high cost.


Being passive is not a way for true Lords to behave. If you wish to amass power and wealth, you will have to be on the offensive and protect your realm from countless menaces and rivals who want what is rightfully yours. There are three ways to attack the enemy, each with very different rewards.

Bandit Raids

Desperate people, outraged at the nobility, often take up arms and decide to prey on the weak instead. They are a constant nuisance that needs to be dealt with. Though fighting this bandit scum reaps little honor or bounty, they will be a good way to sharpen your blade and improve your skills.


Strategically placed allover the map, strongholds are small, easily defendable villages where food is grown and blacksmiths create high-quality items. Taking strongholds is the key to long-term success.

City Assaults

One cannot call himself a true lord if he does not hold title over a city. But nobody will simply hand over that title. In order to become lord, you must take it by force by laying siege to a city. City walls offer a great advantage though, so be prepared to launch several attacks in order to prevail.


The outcome of battles will be determined from the hero stats, item stats, troop count and a bit of luck. When players initiate a battle, they will be asked to sign a blockchain transaction and to pay the associated GAS fee. Fees will vary depending on the type of battle you wish to fight. The attacking party will always bear this cost, and must therefore consider if the rewards justify attacking at all.

Matchup Screen

When initiating battles, it will be important to scout out information about your opponent in order to make an informed decision regarding your chances of winning. The matchup screen will clearly display the heroes, items, stats and troop count of each player. If you feel confident, you can attack!

Troop Placement

Though this feature is still in development, players will eventually be able to decide how to place their troops on the battlefield for the most tactical efficiency. Placing your troops in the most advantageous way will greatly improve the performance of your army even if your stats are inferior. In early versions of the game, however, stats will be the main factor in determining outcome.


Victory in battle brings great honor, but one must also reap the rewards in order to make it worthwhile. Each type of battle will have different benefits and uses, which one suits your needs?

Boost Item EXP

Slaying bandits will increase the EXP of your items, making them level up and increase in stats. The better the quality of your item, the higher its max level will be.

Faster Troop Mustering

Capturing and holding strongholds will make your army’s troop count replenish much faster than usual. If your army is running low on troops, this is the best option to get back in fighting form.

Item Drops

Capturing a stronghold doesn’t just boost your troop recovery rate, it also gives your blacksmiths time to create rare new items. Each 120 block, a new item will be created on the NEO blockchain and randomly dropped to one of the lords holding a stronghold at that time. The longer you have held the stronghold, the higher your chance of receiving an item. Once an item is received, that lord will be removed from the stronghold but will now have a new, higher quality item in his inventory.

Trading Tax

Cities are the pinnacle of civilization and the centers of trade. Since players who want to buy and sell items will have to visit cities to do so, controlling one as a lord means you will be able to collect a GAS tax on each successful sale. The Lord tax will initially be set at 5% of the total price, but we plan to allow lords to set their own tax rate in later versions. City taxes will generate a passive income and will go directly into player wallets. The more cities a lord controls, the more he will earn in taxes.

City Coffers

A city must keep its coffers full in order to attract new residents. The coffers will grow each time a city is attacked by a usurper, making cities more attractive targets as time goes. Each week, lords can claim 30% of the city coffers for themselves. Remaining in control of cities could grant a lot of GAS!

Closed Beta

All of these battle and rewards systems will be tested and refined during our closed beta. If you are interested in trying them out, please visit our website and sign up for our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out! We are trying to add new mechanics to blockchain gaming that uses the power of smart contracts in innovative ways to make players an integral part of the in-game economy. If you have suggestions, we would love to hear them and hope you will try out the game when it is ready!