Things have been silently brewing since BLOCKLORDS won the ‘Best Blockchain Game’ award during the NEO.GAME competition. Winning this prize was a great boost for our team as it affirmed we were on the right track and allowed us to put our battle helmets on and focus on developing the project. Things have been progressing quite nicely and we are now ready to share more info to the world.

The Closed Beta is upon us!

In the coming month, we will finally be able to let a select group of players experience BLOCKLORDS from the very beginning. If you are part of our email list, you will receive an invitation to try out the game and give feedback on what you enjoyed or where you’d like to see some improvements. If you are not signed up, head over to to register today!


For the last few months, we have kept going back and forth over which features should or shouldn’t be released during the beta stage, and we decided to focus on the core elements first and add our more ambitious systems later. Below are the features that will be available during the beta.

Hero Creation

When players start the game, they will be given the choice between three randomized heroes. Each hero will come with a unique set of items. When a hero is selected, the player will be able to store that hero on the NEO blockchain if they agree to pay a GAS fee. Once the transaction is processed, the player will own this unique hero and items in his or hers NEO wallet. Now the game begins! Players will be able to change items and move on the map.

Item Trading

The trading of assets is a core aspect of blockchain games and will of course be included in BLOCKLORDS. Since each item has a unique look, quality and attribute, value will differ based on player demand. In order to sell items, players will have to visit city markets and place their items on sale. Likewise, a player can buy listed items from the market if they agree to pay the set price.

NPC Bandit Battles

Bandits were a constant nuisance during medieval times. They attacked honest merchants and preyed on the weak. The king of the land has issued an edict promising great honor to those who clear the land of the bandit menace. In BLOCKLORDS, attacking bandits will be a great way of sharpening your blades and improving the quality of your items, thus making them more valuable in the long run.

PvP Stronghold Battles

Killing bandits may be fun, but they are no match to warriors of your standing. Attacking strongholds will allow your blacksmiths to forge new, unique items in your honor. Occupying a stronghold will also make your troop count regenerate more quickly, which will enable you to launch new attacks.

City Conquest Battles

Once you have amassed enough powerful items and your troop count is restored, it will be time to become a true lord and conquer a city. Defenders will have a big advantage when protecting cities, so attackers should expect several battles in order to prevail, but great riches await those who succeed.

Lord Taxes & City Coffers

Those who manage to become Lords will not only earn taxes on all sales made within their city walls, they will also be able to claim a weekly GAS reward from the city coffers. This income will make cities an attractive target for other players, so be prepared to defend what is yours at all cost.

Traveling Merchant

Every day, an NPC merchant will offer to buy a randomized type of item at an above market price. This will help us ensure that the item supply remains low and cause a daily scrounge for items of this type. Since nobody will know which item the merchant will want to purchase on any given day, holding on to items might be a good option and will minimize dumping on the markets.

Fee Structure

Since our plan is to create a sustainable game with long-term potential, we will charge modest GAS fees at different points of the game instead of relying on creating our own speculative coin. Currently the fees we have in mind are for hero creation, market purchases, and initiated attacks. Since the closed beta will be on testnet, we will not charge player any fees during this time!

Bla Cat Platform

A decentralized game platform and asset exchange based on the NEO blockchain, BLA CAT will be the first platform to publish BLOCKLORDS officially and has offered the team a lot of support during this early stage of development. With the integrated BLA CAT wallet, they have provided developers with a useful too to upload games into a decentralized era. They are currently looking for new projects to add to their platform, so if you are working on a blockchain game, do not hesitate to get in touch with them! The platform will launch in December 2018 and players will need a BlaCat wallet in order to play BLOCKLORDS upon release. Fear not, we will keep you updated on this front as the closed beta approaches!

Gameplay Exploration Series

In the coming weeks, we will post a series of articles exploring the different BLOCKLORDS features in more details to provide players with a guide and tips on how to play the game. In the meanwhile, we appreciate your patience and cannot wait to share more info about our game with you. If you have any questions about the project, feel free to email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible. See you on the battlefield!