Updated: Feb 5, 2019

With the closed beta approaching rapidly, we thought it was about time we delved deeper into the different gameplay mechanics of BLOCKLORDS and show our followers how the game will work. Dropped in medieval Europe, players will take control of a lord and his army. Heroes and items play a crucial part as they will determine the power of each army, thus heavily affecting the outcome of each battle. In this article, we take a closer look at how heroes and items will be designed.

Hero Creation

When a new account is registered, the player will be able to create his very own hero. Each hero will have a unique name, attributes, and set of items. Each NEO wallet can only have one linked hero, so choosing carefully during this stage will be key as base hero stats and items will determine battle outcome. Since items are unique, getting lucky at this point could also mean turning an immediate profit as rare items could be sold in the market for a high price. We are planning to add multiple hero armies per wallet at a later stage, but for now players will only be able to have one hero, so take the time to pick the best one for you! Picking the right hero will greatly hasten your path to lordship.


Because a hero’s base attributes and stats cannot be changed easily after being created on the NEO blockchain, it is important that players make informed choices before selecting one. Below is an overview of each different attribute and what it does. Using these stats to your advantage will be key.


True lords were born to lead and can inspire the will of their troops on the battlefield. A high leadership stat will increase the total amount of troops players can deploy during each battle.


A smart commander knows how to use troops strategically for maximum effect. A high intelligence stat will increase your troop recovery rate, which will allow you to attack the enemy more often.


The strength attribute determines the amount of damage dealt to your enemies during battles. A high strength stat will take down a higher number of your enemy’s troops, leading to a glorious victory.


A high defense attribute will reduce the amount of damage taken from enemy attacks. Keeping your troops alive during key moments could be the difference between victory and defeat.


Mobility is an essential element if you want to build an army of conquest. A high speed attribute will increase the number of successful attacks you land on the enemy army during each battle.


The amount of troops currently under your command serves as an overall measure of the health of your army. When attacking or defending, the player with the highest number of troops remaining at the end of the battle will be the victor. This makes attacking an enemy with superior troop count suicidal unless you feel extremely confident about your other stats. Though players will lose troops with each battle, the number will regenerate over time and can be boosted by capturing strongholds.


Since hero attributes are set when the hero is created, the best way to improve stats will be through equipping powerful items. Each type of item will be associated to a particular attribute.


Protecting the head from devastating blows is a true mark of intelligence and should not be taken lightly. Equipping helmets or other protective headgear will enhance your lord’s intelligence stat.


Nothing inspires bravery in hearts of your men more than a finely crafted set of armor. Equipping high-quality armor will increase your hero’s leadership stat and make him look absolutely dashing.

Arm Protection

A knight in shining armor may be an impressive sight, but in order to survive, warriors need to be able to use their arms freely. Acquiring better arm protection will certainly boost your hero’s speed.


While armor may offer some protection, the ability to block enemy attacks is the true measure of one’s defense. A sturdy shield with awe-inspiring decorations will greatly improve your defense stat.


When your enemy shows his weakness, you must strike without hesitation. A wide range of weapons will be available to noble lords. High-quality weapons will increase the amount of damage dealt.

Item Quality

During medieval times, items would vary greatly in quality based on craftsmanship and materials used during its creation. In BLOCKLORDS, items will be available in 5 different qualities. Each quality will be associated with a unique color. An item of higher quality will have higher stats and upgrade options.

Item Levels

In addition to item quality, players will be able to improve the stats of their items by using them in battles. Each item used in a battle will receive Item XP. Once enough XP is earned, an item will level up and add a value to the the particular item attribute. This will be a great way for players to increase the value of their items, even if they are of a lower quality tier.

Item Tags

In addition to stats, quality, and levels, the material and design will add to the uniqueness of each item. Tags will make it easier to see the defining characteristics of each item in the BLOCKLORDS universe. With all items tagged and categorized, it will make it much easier to find what you need. Certain unique tags will add extra value in the market and improve stats significantly.

Additional Features

We are currently designing many new systems around the hero and item mechanics, but the ones explained above are what will be available during the early launch period. In the coming weeks, we will be unveiling more details about other systems such as battles, trading, and lordships. Stay tuned!

Closed Beta Test

We will be testing how these systems interact with each other during our Closed Beta period. We hope to gather lots of feedback from users and plan to make changes accordingly. Those who try the game during this stage will have a unique chance to influence the design of BLOCKLORDS and we look forward to hearing from you all. In order to sign up for the Closed Beta, please visit our website and sign up to the email list. We will let you know as soon as we are ready to on-board new players. We hope to see you on the battlefield!