By now, BLOCKLORDS followers and community members should have received the correct link for our closed beta on the NEO testnet. For those who don’t know, BLOCKLORDS is a grand strategy blockchain game where players take control of a medieval hero and conquer cities while amassing unique items. As we currently are more focused on getting all the game systems working properly, the game currently does not have a new player tutorial. We therefore thought it would be a good idea to walk players through some of the main steps of playing the game. If you have not received your link, please contact us at [email protected] and we will send it to you directly!

Step 1: The Landing Page

When clicking on the link, you will be taken to our landing page. The landing page contains some basic info about the game. Loading might take a little while and will be optimized in the future . Feel free to join our community groups if you want to ask questions or join the conversation. When you are ready to play, simply click on the PLAY button to start BLOCKLORDS.

Step 2: BLA CAT Wallet Login

If nothing happens when you click PLAY, it is most likely because you haven’t logged in to your BLA CAT wallet. If you look towards the top right corner, you should be seeing a small cat icon that looks a bit like this:

Clicking on the cat will expand the wallet and allow you to log in. If you haven’t registered with BLA CAT yet, now is the time to do so. If you need any assistance with this part, feel free to get in touch or contact BLA CAT support. Please note that this version will be on testnet only, and that all fees have been disabled. This is to ensure a smooth experience for the players.

Step 3: Hero Creation

When starting the game, you will be given the choice between three different lords. Each lord will have a different look, stats and items. Take your time here and pick the lord that suits you the best. Clicking on a lord will pop up a screen that displays his stats. Once you have made your decision, click on CREATE to mint this hero on the blockchain. The BLA CAT wallet will come to life and ask you to confirm the transaction. The transaction will be free and you can confirm your decision to proceed (do make sure your BLA CAT wallet is set on testnet in the top bar just as a safety precaution).

Step 4: Profile Page

In this page, you will be able to see your hero’s look, items, and stats. This is a good place to get an overview of your current status and where each session of BLOCKLORDS will begin from now on. The inventory in the bottom will most likely be empty (you just started after all), so your first step will now be to acquire new items. For that, we need to head to the map. The middle icon on the top right of the screen will let you access the map directly.

Step 5: World Map

The map clearly shows all points of interest in the BLOCKLORDS world. In this version, there are three types of places: bandits, strongholds, and cities. Each point serves a different purpose, but for now, let’s just go directly to any bandit battle point. Select ATTACK to move you lord into scouting position.

Step 6: Pre-Battle

The scouting screen is where you will get information about your opponent. Bandit battles are NPC battles that will increase your item EXP when the full version launches. In the closed beta, we have made all battles drop new items so that players can experience playing around with more item variety. Click ATTACK to start this bandit battle. A blockchain transaction should pop up from the BLA CAT wallet at this point. Click OK to move forward (again, all transaction fees have been waved and the wallet should be in testnet mode).

Step 7: Battle

Battles in the beta versions are a simple affair. Once the transaction is approved you will see an animation followed by the results of the battle. Click OK to leave the battle screen and head back to the map. As a quick note, the battle mechanics will be greatly improved in future versions.

Step 8: Equip Items

Let’s take a look at the loot you gained! Click on the top-left avatar to return to the profile page. A brand new item should now be in your inventory. Try equipping this item to see how it looks. Once equipped, you will also be able to see how it affects your hero’s stats. Hovering over an inventory item will trigger a small popup with more info about the item in case you don’t want to bother with putting it on and off all the time. Now the question is, what should you do with this extra item? Well, we have a great solution for you.

Step 9: City Markets

Head back to the map and click on a city of your choice. Unlike when clicking on bandits, you will now get the option between attacking or visiting that city. Click VISIT to move your hero to this city’s market. The market will display all items currently on sale in this city. But let’s not get caught up in a shopping spree; you have loot to sell! Click on the SELL tab to see any listed items you may have in this market. Since you are still new to the game, it should be empty. Click on the SELL button in the bottom of the screen to put your item up for sale. A small screen will pop up asking you to set your selling price, please set a low one as it will make testing a bit easier for us. Clicking CONFIRM will trigger another blockchain transaction. As soon as you click OK, your item will officially be on the market. If you want to buy an item, your wallet will need testnet GAS. If you need us to send you some testnet GAS, please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to do so!

Step 10: Keep Playing

These basics should get you through the rest of the game. You can keep attacking bandits, strongholds or cities to win more items, and test out other functions such as the market or equipping your hero in various items as much as you want. If you find any bugs, and we expect there to be quite a few of them, we hope you can send us an email or message our communities with screenshots and info about the bug. It would help us out tremendously!

Additional Features

As you play the game, you may see several functions not covered in this guide that don’t work properly, this is because we are still working on them. Feel free to ask about these features if you are curious. We really appreciate your patience and have a lot planned in the coming months. This version is only the very beginning; many more features will soon be unveiled!

Closing Thoughts

As a thank you to our early followers, we will be gifting all closed beta players with a reward once the game goes live on mainnet. Please do not be afraid to get in touch with us if you have any suggestions, feedback or concerns about the game. We really want to start involving the community as much as possible. With two DAPP competition awards behind us, the BLOCKLORDS team remains very excited about this project and looks forward to shaping the future of blockchain gaming with better strategy games!